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WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns May Be Off Television After Being Defeated By Braun Strowman?

This bit of news is nothing if not shocking: after being defeated by Braun Strowman last night at Payback, Roman Reigns just might find himself off television!

And while this report is only coming from one outlet — and thus should be taken with a grain of salt — it’s worth exploring, especially since it just might be a possibility.

We already know that Reigns is taking a few weeks off to deal with family issues — specifically, to mourn the death of his brother — so him not being on our TV screens for a while isn’t that shocking. However, one outlet claims that Roman Reigns isn’t going to be seen for a while thanks to what happened at Payback last night.

Was it a big mistake for @WWERomanReigns to return to battle @BraunStrowman here at #WWEPayback?

— WWE (@WWE) May 1, 2017

These WWE rumors are coming from Heavy, who claim that thanks to Strowman brutalizing Reigns — even going so far as to draw blood! — at the Pay-Per-View event last night, Reigns isn’t going to be on television for a while.

“Tonight, Roman Reigns’ kayfabe injuries were theoretically far worse than they were earlier this month, as this time, he was bleeding internally and coughed up blood several times. If the previous attack kept him off of television for three weeks, wouldn’t this attack take him out of action for a similar, if not even longer, length of time?”

What’s more, there’s some question as to whether these injuries were real or kayfabe. According to the latest WWE rumors from SBNation, Reigns was bleeding internally after Strowman was done with him, and to make matters worse, Strowman gave Reigns a post-match beatdown for good measure.

Because Reigns seemed to be bleeding internally, SBNation is questioning whether he’ll be back when expected, or if he’ll be out for a while.

“Strowman’s strategy of beating Roman Reigns so badly that he needed an ambulance and then flipping the ambulance over worked, as Reigns wasn’t at 100 percent for their match at Payback. Strowman continued with a post-match beating, too, just to make sure Reigns didn’t get back up.”

The destroyer of Braun will be #RomanReigns because this was disgusting and very painful to watch #GetWellSoonRoman Tribute to my hero. ????????????????

— WWE Staci Strong NXT (@SJB479) May 1, 2017

Forbes, however, has a much more generous take on what’s going to happen to Roman Reigns. According to their latest WWE rumors report, Roman Reigns is just going to take the requisite time off for grieving and being ill, and then go back to wrestling as usual.

In fact, they’re so generous about the fate of Roman Reigns that they’re crowning him as the official replacement for John Cena, who is reportedly retiring from the ring later this year. (Again, this hasn’t been confirmed, these are just rumors, so take it with a grain of salt.)

“WWE would be wise to have Reigns vs. Lesnar take place at a B-level PPV, like Extreme Rules or Great Balls of Fire, because Lesnar appearances are so rare and a match of this caliber at a smaller show almost assuredly would result in a substantial increase in WWE Network subscribers. However, the reported plan is for WWE to hold off on Lesnar vs. Reigns all the way until WrestleMania 34, with the idea being to crown Reigns as the face of WWE and the official replacement for John Cena.”

So, wrestling fans, now it’s your turn: what do you think of this latest round of WWE rumors? Do you think that Roman Reigns is the official replacement for John Cena, or will he be out for a while?

Leave your thoughts about the latest WWE rumors in the comments below.

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