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Watch: Ed Sheeran greets fans, gets inked in ‘Galway Girl’ music video

Ed Sheeran YouTube

dropped the video for his infectious Irish-themed track “Galway Girl” today and fans should feel compelled to dance an Irish jig in its honor! Sheeran notably shot the video himself, from his point of view, as he meets his Galway Girl (played by Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan) and they run through the streets of Galway, Ireland on a wild adventure.

There’s no mistaking Sheeran’s outstretched tattoo-laden arm as Ronan takes his hand to dance in the crowded pub. As he croons, “She beats me at darts,” the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter throws a dart and nails a big, bulky guy instead of the dartboard. Sheeran and Ronan make a run for it and as they rush through the streets, they encounter a bunch of excited fans.

Sheeran first greets a group of female Irish dancers from the Hession School of Dance in Galway who ignited a viral sensation with their “Shape of You” dance routine YouTube video. He signs his Rolling Stone cover for one of the girls and a leg bandage for another. Ronan even jumps in to dance with them for a minute before they race on.

The pair finds more fans in their path, including the red-headed kid playing guitar on the corner and other people who turned up in town when the video was being filmed. The “Shape of You” singer even stops for a group selfie with another cluster of happy people. Next, they hop on bikes and head off to the tattoo parlor where Sheeran gets inked with his “Galway Grill” typo inscription.

Overall, the video delivers a fun, whirlwind trek that perfectly matches the energetic vibe of the song from start to finish. Irish-American Saoirse Ronan (“Atonement,” “Brooklyn”) is brilliantly cast as the object of Sheeran’s fun-loving affection. We also can’t miss the Divide-blue house they finally crash at in the end.

Sheeran shared the video with his fans via Twitter today and it has already amassed over 3.4 million views since it posted on YouTube earlier this morning. You can watch the entire “Galway Girl” romp in the attached video.

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Here’s the Galway Girl video, shot by me, thanks to everyone who featured in it! x

— Ed Sheeran (@edsheeran) May 4, 2017