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Dr. Luke And Kesha’s Mom: Defamation Suit Dropped

In 2014, Kesha told the world that she had been raped by her producer, Dr. Luke, and that she had been blackballed from the music industry. This, she says, explained why she hadn’t written any music in a while and why no on had heard from her.

Dr. Luke, however, said that Pebe Sebert, Kesha’s mom, had started a smear campaign against him because Kesha wanted to break her contract with him and the best way to do so was to have her begin to tar his name all over the place and say that he raped her.

Although Kesha tried to free herself from the contract with Dr. Luke, a 2016 court found that they had a lack of jurisdiction over most of where the alleged crimes took place and that they were unable to find enough facts to support them. As a result, Kesha’s suit against Dr. Luke was thrown out and she was unable to break her contract with his record label.

Both parties, Dr. Luke and Kesha’s mom, Pebe, are dismissing the case with prejudice, and they cannot refile another claim against one another. The pair have reached a settlement, and Pebe had to make a statement about Dr. Luke’s alleged rape of her daughter.

In her statement, Pebe had to say that she does not have firsthand knowledge about whether or not Dr. Luke raped her daughter, because she was not actually there that night.

Kesha claims that she had been assaulted by Dr. Luke on an airplane and also in a hotel room later on.

When Kesha originally tried to sue Dr. Luke for assaulting her, she did so on claims of human rights and gender based violence. The majority of that was thrown out due to the fact that Dr. Luke had not been proven to hate women in any way shape or form. It was also not proven that the violent act that Kesha alleged took place in New York state or New York City.

Although the court disagreed with Kesha’s assessments, fans rallied around her in her aid. One fan even organized a GoFundMe that raised several hundred thousand dollars for her lawyer fees.

[Featured Image by Tasos Katopodis/Stringer/Getty Images]